RAZORTOOTHDESIGN is a design studio based in Brooklyn,NY.

Founded in 2005 by Kiril Kirov, the studio works with a wide range of clients and design projects.


RAZORTOOTHDESIGN combines innovative concepts by merging the latest digital capabilities with time proven fabrication techniques, creating uniquely designed environments for retail, corporate, hospitality and residential applications. The focus of the company is the tight integration between design and manufacturing and the constant search for original ideas.


RAZORTOOTHDESIGN also specializes in modular, structural partition systems and fully developed solutions for dividing and organizing space. Our unique systems and hardware are the essential building blocks for every aspect of our design objective for our living and working environment.


The importance of functional solutions, redefining the modular concept and democratization of design is an indispensable tool in our everyday life.


Our goal is to inspire imagination, explore options to elevate our evolving lifestyles and encourage individual expression.




KIRIL KIROV, is the principal designer and engineer of RAZORTOOTHDESIGN. His extensive history in fine art and design in combination with his passion for technology and new materials, allow him to experiment, explore and develop infinite possibilities and turn ideas into obtainable reality.

JERI SU, is a partner and designer of RAZORTOOTHDESIGN. She is an expert in designing retail environment, branding and creating store identity. Her experience in visual presentation, store planning, shop and fixture design, plays a key role in the final product with a keen sense for space, proportion and function